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Door To Door Services

LEMONYY has system connection with various service providers Realize the information sharing and collaboration, so that customers can query the progress of logistic in real time

  • China Warehouse
  • China Customs clearance
  • international transport
  • Iran Customs clearance
  • Iran Delivery Service

China Warehouse

Customer Inform the supplier deliver the goods to Lemon Warehouse
Supplier Delivery to LemonWarehouse
Lemon Warehouse Warehousing and make an inventory and Inform the customer that the goods have been received

China Customs clearance

Lemon Warehouse Transportation to Port and Customs clearance in China
Customer Received Status

international transport

Lemon Warehouse international transport(air or shipping)
Customer Received Status

Iran Customs clearance

Lemon Warehouse Delivery at port / Customs clearance a / Transportation
Customer Received Status

Iran Delivery Service

Lemon Warehouse Delivery
Customer Customer sign in

Pay Later

The LEMONYY platform provides ’PAY LATER’ services for reputable customers

Credit value can be accumulated according to the number of online orders, and corresponding credit lines can be obtained when different credit levels are reached, and these credit lines can be used ‘PAY LATER’services