how YUEYANG Company can help you

The Chinese Silk Road Trading Company was established in November 2011. The company is involved in providing comprehensive services including an interpreter in Persian language, delivery and delivery of goods, wholesale selling of goods, consulting in the field of commodity information, consulting in the field of export and import and other services. Currently, the company is able to perform services such as translation, delivery,check and sending the products

LemonYY Instruction

Become the No.1 onlineB2B platform

Build trustworthy bridge between China and Iran

safer and more secure shopping experience

LemonYY - China-Iran one stop B2B trade platform We provide: High quality supplier & Massive product from China;One stop puchase service & consultation(Easy Pruchase) ;logistics & Finance Service LemonYY hosts many products in a wide range of categories including Cosmetics, Computers & Networking, Consumer Electronics, Toys & Hobbies, Health and more.Our mission is make China-Iran trade more easier.We using the Internet technology to bulid up a business connection between Chian & Iran.LemonYY provide high efficiency logistics,order tacking trade assurance & order protection to make you business more safety & transparent

The Pain of Buyers

1. Commodity information is not timely and rich
2. High threshold for procurement funds
3. Multiple service providers need to be connected and handle
4. Language Communication
5. Money safety and security
6. Low logistics efficiency and no tracking status information

Commodity information is not timely and rich

1.Can not find the desired products and information
2.Must come to China to see the new product/model
3.Expense round-trip cost (air ticket/hotel)
4.Find and compare different commodities in various cities and professional markets

High threshold for procurement funds

1.High MOQ, high money requirement
2.High shipping requirement, over 1CBM(by ship)/100KG(by Air)
3.High storage costs

Multiple service providers need to be connected and handle

1、Payment service;Customs clearance service
2、Warehouse service; Logistics service;delivery service
3、Difficulties in collaboration between various service providers

Benifit-Reduce procurement costs

Lower MOQ

Share inventory directly with Alibaba, Amazon, eBay and other large platform supply chains, which can provide a lower MOQ

Quality /Price comparison

Professional purchasing team will help customers to inquire prices from multiple factories and compare quality and price with multiple parties.


New customer platform subsidies / year-round holiday offers / vendor clearance promotions, etc.

Cargo Pooling

Provide lower shipment volume ¥

Lets familiar with our services and know why customers choose us

1. legal remittance cooperation agency in Iran 2. China's payment agencies have 20+ years of good reputation in China-Iran trade
System Management : 1. Online query of account balance and turnover   2.The customer's transfer status will be notified in real time via SMS push
Supplier credit monitor : LEMONYY cooperates with the local enterprise credit inquiry platform in China to provide you with the credit status of the supplier: 1. Help buyers to identify honest enterprises and ensure the safety of customer funds to the greatest extent 2.The supplier's performance and breach of contract on the platform will be recorded for the buyer's evaluation

Massive Chinese suppliers and commodity information

connects with the large buyer commodity library on Alibaba International, Amazon, Moon and other platforms. Integrate more than 100,000 products and supplier information

Very Secured Logistics and Financial Services

LEMONYY has system connection with various service providers Realize the information sharing and collaboration, so that customers can query the progress of logistic in real time

Digital Marketing

We provide marketing to businesses to looking for a partner digital media.

Procurement Service

Purchasers can complete the work on lemonYY platform to issuing demand, payment, logistics and receiving via internet

Localized service team

1. Branch Office in Tehran
2. Showroom: Commodity display
3. Pre-sale: Customer pre-sale consulting service
4. Professional: VIP clients are equipped with dedicated account managers
5. After-sales: Provide perfect after-sale follow-up service

MAin Members

Mr Esmaeel

Director of CompanyGraduated from Khomeini University ,Proficient in Persian President of Guangzhou Garment Chamber of Commerce, Online anchor(IG), He has been committed to the development of Iran China trade facilitation, deeply cultivated the Iran China trade field for more than ten years, and innovated the mode practitioner

Mr Mostafa

Co-founder Graduated from Khomeini University,Proficient in Persian, We have successfully established well-known foreign trade cosmetics brands such as tattoo, nail polish glue, etc., and have a keen sense of the market and accurately connect the market with China's supply chain

Mr Dariush

General manager Proficient in Persian, promote the localization of the company's business in Iran, In charge of translation service, Payment service, Warehousing and logistics services

Mr Ayub

Operation consultant Proficient in Persian, English, President of the Chinese student union of Teheran University, Marketing experts, Financial sector specialist, Persian culture disseminator

Miss Sanling

Logistics Manager Proficient in Persian, promote the localization of the company's business in Iran, In charge of translation service, Payment service, Warehousing and logistics services

Efficient and transparent logistics services

IT System + management = efficiency
In GZ, Tehran has own warehouse. We choose the best quality logistics partners and have strict assessment of service providers. The entire logistics chain is uniformly covered by the business system, and docked with the service provider system to achieve a high degree of collaborative management